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Interview with Hina Nauman

She is a super Mom. When she started writing a children's series with 3 naughty little kids always jumping and bumping all the time over her head and all around her, She realized the power been a Super Mom.

Q.1 Tell us something about yourself not many people know?
I love to brush my teeth. Whenever I want to feel relaxed, I just brush my teeth. My hair is too curly, having tight noddle curls that I hate brushing. People mostly think I want to give myself a prestigious look which is why I make a hair bun at times, but in reality, I do not want to brush my hair. As I hate time-consuming stuff.

Q.2 When should we expect your next book? What will it be about?
My next book is the next part of this series Hanna the Guardian of Nature, which will come next year hopefully. Just stay tuned and do not lose hope in your writer. 

Q.3 What made you write Born to be Naughty?
I love naughty little acts by children. I feel there is no color in life if there is no fun in life. It was my dream story that I always wanted to share with kids about a naughty girl with curly hair who enjoys every moment of her life in her unique style. She is clever enough to find fun even in sad moments of her life.

Q.4 What actually goes on when the author and illustrator meet?
 I have no idea about it, as I was lucky enough to find a friend like an editor for my book. My editor Sirah actually helped me hire an illustrator for my book

My editor hired an illustrator on her own and explained everything about the books to my illustrator. I just paid the bills and thanked my editor for the wonderful cover she made with the illustrator.

Q.5 What do you love most about writing stories for children?
It’s fun. You are the creator, hero, villain everything in the story playing in their minds. Children do not question as adults have for society. Children accept everything and every world of imagination in which the writer takes them. They laugh at simple things and enjoy and love the stories forever that they loved reading in their childhood.

Q.6 Why do you think it is important for children to develop a love for reading?
Books are the best mentors in life. Whenever you have to achieve something in life, you have to first fight a battle in your mind for what is right and wrong in this world, and then you break the norms of society for what is right. 
On this path of bravery, very few people in this world walk. Moreover, the ones who walk conquer the world always with their passion and insight analysis of situations. 

However, this is unachievable unless you do not have a relationship with book reading in your life. Only a few people walk on this path, so 90 % of people in this world are not even familiar with thinking out of the box. You can only find the traces of these brave people by reading their books or books written on them. So it is important to develop a book reading habit in children if we want them to think beyond the skies and conquer this universe.

Q.7 What’s your writing schedule while you’re working?
hahaha… may laugh at this….As I told you, I am a super mom… I do not have a proper writing schedule. I may be writing and thinking deep of a plot when I hear screaming from the washroom, “Mama, I want to do potty (hehehe).” At the same time or after a few minutes, I might hear the crying of my other one, “I want to drink milk,” or the third one would say, “Make me sleep.” 

Or else I might hear them fighting over a toy, all 3 crying at the same time… I would be doing all this, and my mind would be thinking over the plot, and that’s how naughtiness comes up in my writing also. When my kids go to sleep, I get very little time, which I utilize in writing the plot I was wondering about all day. At times, I also discuss my plot with my elder 6 six-year-old son.

Q.8 Many writers describe themselves as “character” or “plot” writers. Which are you? What do you find to be the most challenging part of writing?
I think I am both. I have characters in my mind, and I have plots in my mind. I am just perfectly cutting and pasting these characters and plots together to make the best stories for children. I believe all the writers are good observers; they look very closely at every character and situation around them. Then they just fix those characters to different plots in their minds.

Q.9 Which children’s book most inspired you as a child?
To be honest, I was never a good student in my childhood. I hated studying and reading books; I never used to read books in my childhood. I had this philosophy in my life that all good books have movies made on them, so why waste months reading a book when you can watch a 3-hour movie and can know what the story is? 

But when I grew up and started questioning the difference between society and culture, I developed the habit of book reading in my life. Books are the actual mentor of my life now. Many autobiographies and quotes of many great people inspire me now in my life. Books written on Rumi and Allama Iqbal's poetry always inspire me.

Q.10 How do you select the name of your characters?
It might be a name of a famous person from history whose autobiography might have inspired me once in my life too. At times, it is the name itself that I always wanted to give to a specific character. 

For example, Hanna is my favorite name, and I have always wanted to give this name to my dream story. I am one of those lucky people who succeed in writing her dream story and developing my loveable and adoring character Hanna.

Q.11 Do you have any advice for aspiring children’s book authors?
Yes, your writing is your happiness and your power. If we use these well, they are going to become the power of happiness for many little young minds.

Q.12 Do you believe in writer’s block? If yes, how do you deal with it?
I have not experienced this yet. For me, writing is my happiness and not my profession. It gives my life meaning beyond my existence. I am always thinking of the characters in my life. 

I pick up events and real-life characters in every moment of my life as hints for my characters and plots. For me, writing is always fun where I am the king of this world and everything will move on my words. I enjoy thinking and thinking deeply about my characters.

Q.13 Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with good or bad ones?
I love reading my book reviews. To be honest, I have not yet gotten a bad review for my work…..even if someone rated it low, it would be at least a minimum of 3 stars. The overall rating for my work is going 5 or 4 stars. 

Therefore, I am not quite bothered if someone rarely rates me 3 stars. But I note down the points on which good or bad reviews are rated as both are helpful, and I am thankful to both my reviewers.

Q.14 Do you have any unique and quirky writing habits?
Yes, When I am done writing, I start singing happy songs, especially from the coke studio. Or at times when I get a wonderful idea for writing, I say these lines, which I actually made for myself in my childhood and now eventually I wrote for my character Hanna also:

Oookkieeee dookiieee bossiiieeee ….

done dana dann doneeeeeee…..

ooh hina you are the best, the bestest whoever was the bestest whoever is ooh Hina, you are soo best

It's how I enjoy the happiness of accomplishing my writing.

Q.15 Outside of your family members, name one entity that supported your commitment to become a published author?
My editor Sirah, this book belongs to her equally as it belongs to me.

Q.16 How will you describe your life before and after getting published?
I feel blessed and can feel a lot of positivity in my life as my self-esteem rises high when I achieve my dreams in life. But now, at the same time, I want to develop more gratitude in my life for all these blessings.

Q.17 What three things should readers expect from your book?
Fun, Excitement, and Adventure.

Q.18 Which famous person, living or dead, would you like to meet and why?
A. Princess Diana
: before her divorce, she gave a very strong interview, which reflected her strong personality and inspired me.

Q.19 What is your favorite book (apart from children's ones) and why?
There are many books…but what I enjoyed the most are Forty Rules of Love and all autobiographies.

Q.20 Share the experience of your journey so far?
 Every day is a new challenge for me on this journey. Every day I wake up with new dreams and hopes. But what this journey actually made me learn is that all the approvals which I want in my life are going to come from me. 

I do not need this world's approval to tell me that I achieve big or small. I know how much effort I put into this, so it will be my judgment whether to celebrate my victory or not. But no one else in this world has the power to judge me on my efforts for my victory.

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