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Interview with a Book Blogger | Timo | Timosnotes



Q.1 Please introduce yourself - Where are you from? How long have you been blogging? What’s the name of your blog? What made you decide to start a book blog?
A. My name is Timo, I’m 21 years old, and I’m from Germany. Born in southern Germany near Stuttgart I now live in Würzburg and study E-Commerce there. 

I started blogging about a year ago, but haven’t written many blog posts yet. My blog is called timosnotes inspired by Bill Gates’ famous blog. The love and passion I have for non-fiction books made me start my blog. I want to share my passion with other people, and inspire them to read more, especially non-fiction and personal development books.

Q.2 What is your favorite genre and book?
A. My favorite genre is biographies, but my favorite book is not a biography. It’s the all-time classic Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. That book introduced me to personal development books, and since then I love these kinds of books.

Q.3 What one piece of advice do you wish you’d had when you first started book blogging?
A. Be more critical, and really share your own opinion. It doesn’t matter if others disagree, because that’s what your blog is there for. To share your thoughts, and engage in a critical conversation about the books everybody is reading.

Q.4 What piece of advice you would like to give to other bloggers?
A. Be authentic, really be yourself, and try to be unique in your own special way.

Q.5 How many books are actually on your bookshelf/shelves right now?
A. Right now there is 66 spread across my whole room.

Q.6 If you could be a character from a book for just one day who would you be and why?
A. I rarely read fiction books, but one that I really enjoyed was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I’d like to be Santiago to experience his journey of finding his purpose.

Q.7 Is blogging your profession or just a hobby? Does your family support you? What’s their take on this?
A. Blogging is just a hobby, and my family doesn’t know about it. Most of my friends support me, and I get mostly positive feedback from people I know.

Q.8 What do you think is the best strategy for getting more visitors to a blog?
A. Planting seeds. Seeds are anything from posts on Social Media to comments, conversations, etc. People have to see you, so you have to engage as much as possible.

Q.9 What are the top 3 characteristics you look for in a good book?
A. First: It solves a problem I have.
Second: It teaches me something I don’t know.
Third: It tells a story and is fun to read.

Q.10 What are your favorite Instagram/Bookstagram/Booktuber accounts?
A. Some of my favorite people on Instagram related to books are @bookthinkers, @getbetterwithbooks, @unleashtheknowledge, @bookssavedmyass.

A few words for our readers and Books Charming -
The most important thing about reading non-fiction books is to take action on the things you learned. Otherwise, you’re not making progress.

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